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Winter Box


Winter 2022

This box will include:

  • Amber Rose
  • Passionate Pearberry ‘Rita
  • Something Blue
  • Garnish
  • Access to Digital Recipe Card
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Winter box 2022

Our Winter-inspired premium beverage mixer subscription box is chock full of wintry mixes that you won’t want to miss.  Create a crisp & refreshing Passionate Pearberry ‘Rita to share with friends or indulge in Something Blue..this one promises to deliver lots of good cheer. 😉

Just bring your own booze (or not)  beverage, unpack our box, and concoct something extraordinary. You’ll no longer reach for a boring vodka-soda when you’ve got Inspiring Spirits’ premium beverage drink mixers to add a touch of sass to just about anything in your home bar. 

Discover novel ways of concocting Winter beverages with our drink mixers and mystery digital recipe card in the latest edition of our cocktail subscription box.

Amber Rose


Plump white peaches joyfully burst at the seams and the intoxicating fragrance of pink rose, combined with citrus juice to create this intoxicating concoction of fruity-floral bliss.

Pairing: Vodka


Passionate Pearberry ‘Rita

Naturally honey-flavored pear pairs with the astringency of lime and bitter-tart cranberries to effuse a kaleidoscope of fruity characters that are bright, bold, and invigorating.  

Pairing: Tequila


Something Blue

The creamy, floral notes of vanilla gently caress the soft sweetness of ripened guava and intermingle with the sharpness of citrus to result in a delicious surprise with a tingly mouthfeel

.Pairing: Prosecco

Weight 3.17515 kg

About the Creator

Inspiring Spirits - Creator - Carmaleita W. Lyght

Greetings! My name is Carmaleita Willis Lyght, and I founded Inspiring Spirits in 2018. While crafting libations has been a passion of mine for many years, the true joy comes from the stories and sensory experiences my clients have taken with me when they take that very first sip!

As the owner and lead bartender of Lyght House Cocktails, I love bartending and making people happy (responsibly of course). The trade of bartending is a skill my father, affectionately known as Joe Willis, taught me years ago. My experiences with people have taught me many things, one being that to dream and to hold fast to your belief and will to get things done; for if one loses that, they will in turn lose the will to succeed.

It is my absolute pleasure to pass the joy of creating flavorful fun on to you! My hope is that you will be inspired not only to craft a signature cocktail or mocktail that satisfies your taste buds, but also that you will be inspired to let your own passion and creativity lead you to soar to higher heights unknown. Enjoy the journey, share the process, and inspire on…CHEERS!

-Carmaleita W. Lyght
Dare to Be Inspired!


Just got my Inspiring Spirits gourmet mixer from Inspiring Spirits. This is mixology on another level. #kiwimeloncoolata
T. Kelly
Inspiring Spirits will AMAZE you with this delicious Zing mixer! We mixed it with Tito's and it is the PERFECT summer drink!
J. Greenlee
Carmaleita and staff thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for serving the best drinks my little town has seen. You definitely played a huge role in making my Army Retirement/ Welcome Home/ College Graduation Celebration a success.
C. Riley
Exceptional service and the drinks were amazing! Perfect for my husband’s surprise 50th birthday celebration!
J. Character
DELICIOUS! Inspiring Spirits creates EXCELLENT margarita mixers that my husband & I took to a party with friends. Best margaritas I’ve ever had! No joke, they were a hit!
S. Niswonger
Carmelita provided spirits to lift spirits in our community during week 1 of quarantine. I enjoyed my watermelon margarita and will confine to support her.
T. Bello
Enjoyed for a special toast at a virtual baby shower this weekend...another amazing concoction by Carmaleita Willis Lyght, Lyght House Cocktails, and Inspiring Spirits!! It was special and delicious as a Mocktail and a Cocktail!! Thanks for the Amber Rose!!!
C. Kavney

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